King33 Training - Tactical Firearm Training in Southington, CT

King 33 LLC Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

We are the only company of our kind, we have found a part of society that is underdeveloped and are working on providing a solution to that problem! We are our own solution to security.

King 33 is a Defensive Tactics training company and has the premier multi-use training facility in Connecticut. With the most unique and sought after program in the Northeast we offer a variety of training. Our clients are interested in improving safety in their personal and professional environments for themselves, their families, and those around them. We do this through focusing on and training your situation awareness capabilities, developing plans for you, your place of business and your family. We teach and test those plans through simulated scenario based awareness and safety training with the Simunitions® FX® training system.

We provide use of force training for law abiding citizens of all types and interests. King 33 will address your needs from the most basic familiarization to firearms in a low/high-stress environment in our residential mock up with step-by-step room clearing techniques to provide you with the necessary skills to manage the safety of your own home environment. For those interested we provide the unique opportunity to validate the success of our techniques combined with your learning in force-on-force reality based training scenarios.

We have trained hundreds of private citizens, town and state agencies at our training center. We specialize in the basics so that when we train with people in advanced classes we can set everyone up for success. Our most common client is your average citizen who has a family is hard working with little time on a tight budget who has a need for improving their security posture. We do this on a daily basis and we are here for you.

Training with King 33 is not an event but an evolution based on our philosophy to ‘master the basics’. Come down and check us out, we know you will like what you see.