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King 33 was founded by Chris Fields in August of 2011 and is based on his back ground in Special Operations and Private Security and those who he surrounded himself with. After finding there was no existing company in Connecticut that offers an extensive and dynamic training and a training center for the public and professionals on a daily basis it became evident that the lack of training needed to be corrected. After King 33 was established we began teaching live fire and Simunition® classes on ranges and in other locations around the region. In September 2012 we opened CT first privately owned (open to the public) nonlethal training center and have since built relationships and established report in the immediate and surrounding communities and have been approved by our town with a unanimous vote for our expansion to build our own live fire ranges. We are also working on building our own medical, driving and hand to hand combat programs.

Training Concept
The concept behind the training comes from the battle fields around the globe and the desired end state of our training is to make everyone safer by being an asset to ourselves and our communities by being able to take care of ourselves as best as we can without the aid of anyone else. Much like a burglar/smoke alarm, fire drill/extinguisher or having insurance, having this type of dynamic self defense training available to everyone in our country is a benefit to us all (as many law enforcement and military veterans agree). We do not discriminate against any students for any reason as we understand in the foundation of our training plans that everything we offer is defensive in nature, we do maintain the right to ask people to leave our courses for any reason King 33 deems. We identify with certain traits that our clientele may perceive in dangerous situations such as (what we think we would do) that play out in our minds based on other people’s situations that have already happened. We have built a base course that covers entry to higher levels of training in Simunition®, Live Fire, Medical and Hand to hand combat and have many more skills available that compliment any of our programs above and beyond all of this. The unique nature of King 33 is that we will train you in all of the disciplines, we feel are required for you to live through the worst of life’s lessons then compliment your individual training by building real world training scenarios for you to prove your skills and confidence in what you have learned and because we have the infrastructure and back grounds to do it! (Because we can)

The Training
The design of the training offered is based on experience from one of the highest levels (comparable to the collegiate degree of a Masters degree) of training anyone in our nation can receive that prepares us for the most dangerous times and places on the planet and that is the United States Army Special Forces, Green Beret. The King 33 training design is understood as the translation of being a Green Beret and a CT Citizen merging and becoming one sound mindset. This is a combination of variables and considerations that we as armed or unarmed citizens need to have knowledge of and experience in to understanding how we can maintain safety during dangerous encounters. We train with and without firearms or other self defense items, during the day and night, as individuals and small groups in all of the environments we generally find ourselves in, at home or a friend’s house (home defense), in our car (vehicle defense) at work, out shopping or walking down the street (urban defense) and at the park or walking one of CT numerous hiking trails (rural defense).

Training Standards
We have standards in our products, first off we want to recognize that all of our trainers have been professionally trained right here in the United States of America and most of us have taken that training on the road for work whether protecting someone or something here in CT or all the way to the hell like fields of battle. What we have been successful in doing from a staff point of view is putting together like minded owners and instructors from a wide variety of back grounds (keep in mind that one day we were all like everyone else, novice in mind and experience from self defense standards) from Special Operations, Conventional Military, Federal Agents, State and Municipal Law Enforcement, Private Security and civilians. We have testing standards built into each block of instruction, you will be held liable for your actions or lack thereof and we will be there to help you overcome these liable actions with reinforcing training and retesting you. We do take training serious but we take safety just as serious, speaking from experience safety does not stop in battle!

Training Philosophy: Master the basics
King 33 will start by developing your foundation of ability to protect yourself or others by teaching you the basic defensive tactics and techniques from our experienced staff and training curriculum so that you stand a greater chance of survival should you find yourself in a potentially lethal encounter. Once these basic building blocks are established we will start adding to your training to make you more confident in any number of situations by running real life simulations and coaching/mentoring you throughout the whole process.

Our training is not geared around specifically improving your shooting, nor is the training geared exclusively towards a combat mindset. By giving you the knowledge and experience which will allow you to be a master of what we consider the basics for surviving a lethal encounter you will be able to employ these universal tactics and techniques in whatever setting you may need to.

King33’s exclusive access to a number of varied training environments will allow you to tailor your training from the instructors to your specific needs. Whether those courses are geared towards protection of self and family by responsible law-abiding citizens or employing your firearm in your professional job you will improve your ability to protect yourself and others around you.
King 33 provides a full curriculum from the most basic foundational concepts and rolling them up to the most complex custom built courses that thrive on worst case scenario training you will be able to hone your skills and reduce training scars that develop via the “one-way range” by transitioning your live fire training directly into the world-class Simunitions® reality-based training system as provided by the King 33 Down Arrow Training Program.

Mission Statement
Enhance the personal safety aspect of our environment through providing a practical foundation of professional training, knowledge and experience to you, by with and through our certified, experience and insured instructors in all courses offered.

Provide people with the knowledge and skills to be an asset to themselves and the communities in which they live by being more knowledgeable in the respect of individual and group responsibility of our own safety.

King 33 offers courses that are not found in the normal training curriculum of most tactical and private training environments. Based on our progressive approach to training by building upon our staff previous experiences. King 33 can offer private and/or customized training to fit any customer desire or interest from the most basic one on one pistol shooting and coaching to understanding the forensic effects of firearms design and intent.

King 33 is a Simunition Commercial Range Program an approved provider of Simunition® based training in Connecticut and one of only few in the North East and our Training Center is the only one like it in the region. As such we are in a unique position to offer this realistic defensive training to private citizens, private companies and government agencies who would otherwise have little to no opportunity to be effectively trained and practiced in potentially life-threatening situations.

Instructor Bios

All of the instructors employed or contracted by King 33 have real life experience in their respective disciplines, this is the basis of offering you the highest level of training you should have and now do have available to you.

Chris Fields Lead Instructor/King 33 Owner
Chris Fields Lead Instructor/King 33 Owner
Chris is a US Army Special Operations veteran (Green Beret) that deployed numerous times in hostile environments and other overseas assignments both in uniform and as a private contractor. After which he returned to be an instructor for the SF qualification course. As a Green Beret Chris attended numerous tactical shooting schools and the Special Forces Instructor Trainer Course to develop and strengthen the foundation of an effective trainer as a Small Unit Tactics Instructor. Chris exemplifies the teaching spirit of the Green Beret which is inherent in the original Special Forces mission, and the force multiplier concept. He strives to be the best at everything that he does and it is with this intent and experience of having trained and operated CONUS/OCONUS with US, foreign and indigenous forces that he developed the method of instruction that is presented by King 33.

Other instructor back grounds

US Army Military Police veteran, FLEO training expert, SWAT, Firearms, Simunition, Executive Protection, NRA student and instructor courses, Prior active duty Cavalry Scout, Commercial EMS, Paramedic, Armed security officer at a Nuclear facility and the Groton Submarine base, American Heart Association basic life support Instructor, Wilderness Medical and Tactical Medicine Instructor.

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