Should you work with Callbox Pay Per Call Affiliate Network

Some of the best affiliates and publishers, be it media buyers leveraging realtime bidding systems or simple affiliates looking to make more money from their ads are hands down looking for better ways to monetize their traffic.

Affiliate networks have long been a simple way to earn amazing payouts when you have good traffic. Converting such traffic is even better if you are a pay per call affiliate. Making a phone call is a natural process for any consumer with real intent to purchase a product from a business. Therefore it’s abundantly clear that a consumer calling a business is going to be valued much higher than just a click.

As a super affiliate I chose and tested several affiliate networks. However, we have found one the best pay per call affiliate networks to be Callbox.

You may be wondering why and it’s a valid question. Their payouts are simply amazing, they have a real time bidding engine which allows the advertisers on callbox to actually place a bid in real time. This way, as a super affiliate, I am able to get the best payout for my traffic. I invite you to read a little bit more about them on their pay per call blog.

Cheers everyone!